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I Will Be Strong, Too
[I Will Be Strong, Too]
Started: 8/10/2012
Finished: 6/9/2013
Written by: Echo
Her long black hair was tossed about in the wind as she looked down at the ground, cold tears streaming down her face. She never thought she'd loose him, not that way. "Damn it, Nor. Why now? I need you..." She muttered and turned away from the grave. She would never admit it, but she was going to be hopeless without her big brother. She ignored the comforting gestures she was getting from her younger brother and ran- out into the middle of the white nothingness that was her home. "DAMN IT! WHY HIM?!" She screamed when she got to a familiar spot. "WHY GOD?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND TAKE MY BROTHER AWAY FROM ME?!" She collapsed on her knees and cried, clutching the hair pin he had given her just before he died.
The four Nordics stood there quietly after Greenland had run away, dropping her coat in the process. Iceland bent over to pick it up and faught back tears. "I think someone needs to go aft
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Mature content
Haikus of DEATH :icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 0
A Day With William
((This is the result of me talking with a new friend of mine :iconkikyomustdie17: XD)) 
"William~!" I burst into the Reaper's headquarters, a brilliant smile on my face. "Let's go somewhere today! Everyone else is busy and I need someone to spend the day with me! Or so Sebastian says. He told me it's dangerous to let me go anywhere on my own and told me to come see you!" 
William sighs and looks at me, an annoyed look on his face. "Well, why'd you come to me? You could have gone and bothered those triplets you like so much." He said, his patience already running thin. "I have too much work to do today to be your chaperone on whatever you want to go out and do, Miss Amber." 
"Yeah, well Timber said they had to help Alois with something today and he also told me to come here! So that's two people telling me to come here. Also, you're not going to chaperone me, we're going to go sing or something fun!" I put my hands on Will's desk, my hair falling in my face and obscuring
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Kuroshitsuji OC Profile
Kuroshitsuji Character Information
Name (last, first): 
Gankin, Absinthe 
Nickname(s): Hazel and Shadow 
Age: 14-16 
Species: Marionnette (But nobody knows that, and she's exactly like a human)  
Gender: Female 
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Birthday: December 21st, ???? 
Life Story: Absinthe grew up hardly knowing her parents, due to their constant need for travel. She refused the help or aide of any of her families' servants and eventually was kidnapped from the manor. Since then, she's been travelling from family to family, always running away and finding herself at the Phantomhive Manor. 
About You
Personality: She's insanely stubborn, but a very gentle girl nonetheless. She's got a fiery temper that is unrivaled by anyone and gets very destructive when that side of her comes out. Otherwise, she's like an older sister
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 4 2
Skiing with Ciel and Co. [Pt. 1]
I burst unceremoniously into the living room of my house from my bedroom, my blonde hair falling in front of my face and giving me a creepy look, as my shirt was falling off my left shoulder and my pants were too big. "I have this idea!" I said suddenly, snapping my head up and smiling brightly despite the fact it was 6 in the morning and I never wake up at 6 in the morning. 
My brother, Zack, turned to look at me, a tired look in his eyes. "We are not doing whatever it is you have planned. Especially not going swimming again." He said, already striking down the idea I had just had. He was sitting on the couch with Sebastian and Finny, talking about the differences between English paintings and his... Paintings. 
I pursed my lips and put my hands on my hips, suddenly looking very evil. "Hear me out, brother." I said darkly, shadows covering my eyes. I should probably mention I'm not much of a morning person. I prefer night much more. "I just want to take Ciel and
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 0
Kuroshitsuji OC Profile
Kuroshitsuji Character Information
Name (last, first): 
Gankin, Absinthe 
Nickname(s): Hazel and Shadow 
Age: 14-16 
Species: Marionnette (But nobody knows that, and she's exactly like a human)  
Gender: Female 
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Birthday: December 21st, ???? 
Life Story: Absinthe grew up hardly knowing her parents, due to their constant need for travel. She refused the help or aide of any of her families' servants and eventually was kidnapped from the manor. Since then, she's been travelling from family to family, always running away and finding herself at the Phantomhive Manor. 
About You
Personality: She's insanely stubborn, but a very gentle girl nonetheless. She's got a fiery temper that is unrivaled by anyone and gets very destructive when that side of her comes out. Otherwise, she's like an older sister
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 6
You'll Catch Cold Up There, Kid
((I got this idea from Pokemon. So yeah! This is Gold going up Mt. Silver. Yeah, there's a little implied yaoi in it, but not really much. Enjoy!))
Genre: ...Uh... Fluff, ish? Maybe? Yeah, we'll go with that. lD 
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters: Gold and Red 
P.O.V.: Gold's
Let's go!
After healing up my team at the Pokecenter, I walked outside and pulled my jacket around me. So this is Mount Silver... I thought, impressed. Green told me that if I got to the top, I'd find his friend Red. I smiled a little and looked at my Fergalitr, who nodded to me and I put him back in his Poke ball. "I should get a Fire-type Pokemon out, in case I get cold." I mused and rummaged through my bag for the Poke ball of my Arcanine. "All right, let's go!" I cheered and started up the mountain, Arcanine following closely behind me. We walked for w
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 1 3
OC lists!
A list of our OCs. Started By DSWRW, continued by Echo 
Amber's OCs:
Yin - Fruits Basket 
Silver Sapphire - Pokemon 
Amber - FMA/OHSHC 
GOLDENFUR!  -Warriors 
Amber aka Greenland -Hetalia 
Phycilla -Pokemon 
Kristy aka Logic -Portal/Portal 2 
Anaki/Dante's OCs: 
Anaki - Fruits Basket 
ShadowFire :) - Warriors 
Deceit - Portal/Portal 2 
LATU - Pokemon 
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 0
When You Look Into a Pond...
....What do you see? 
I see a little girl twirling in the meadow with her brother trailing behind her, laughing and smiling as the spring breeze carries the scent of freshly bloomed flowers and new leaves. The little girl will tumble and fall backwards into the grass, giggling and closing her eyes, shielding them from the harsh sun. She watches the clouds, her imagination running wild. She points to each cloud, exclaiming a different shape each time. As she recites her imaginative creations, she feels herelf getting drowsy. Soon, the little girl is sound asleep, napping peacefully in the meadow beside her beloved pond and her brother. 
When I look into a pond, that is what I see. 
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 1 0
Amber vs. Gym Leaders [P2: Falkner]
((This one will be more humorous, I promise. Because Falkner doesn't really have fun much and I'm kind of determined to be an ass. XD)) 
"Alright, here we are in Violet City!" I exclaimed as I fist-pumped, giggling and nearly throwing Espeon off my shoulder. "The atmosphere here is a lot sweeter than in Ecruteak, huh Espeon?" I smiled at my companion and she nodded to me, nuzzling my cheek. I giggled lightly and stepped toward the Pokecenter. "Do you want to take a rest, missy?" I asked, opening the door and walking to Nurse Joy. She nodded and I put her back in her Pokeball. "Just the one. Please call me when she's finished healing." I said, waving as I turned around and ran out the Pokecenter to the Violet City gym. "Let's see... Morty told me the gym leader here likes Flying-type... So maybe I'll use... Litwick? Yeah. Come on out." I said, grabbed Litwick's Pokeball, threw it out, and Litwick popped out, jumping quickly onto my head. I smiled and opened the door to the gym, ste
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 0
Amber vs. Gym Leaders [P1: Morty]
((This is a not-so-little little series that I really am going to finish! I'm going to be challenging ALL, and I mean all...Let's see, there's 8 in Kanto, Jhoto, and Sinnoh... So that's... 8+8+8=...16....+8=....17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24! There's... 9 in Hoenn... So that's... 33.... And there's... Um...In Striaton City you have three... Chili, Cilan, and Cress... So that makes the count for Unova 10 right now... But there's also Iris and Drayden... So that's 12... So 33+12=...Um... 45.45 gym leaders! ...That took way too long. Haha anyways, yes, there will be 45 of these little humorous fics. Look forward to them.)) 
I walked into the dark and smoky looking gym and lifted my darkened glasses-stupid sun, darkening my glasses all the time-, looking around curiously. "Hm... Ghost-type, maybe?" I murmured to myself, looking down at my Espeon, who nodded her agreement and jumped nimbly onto my shoulder, curling her tail around my neck and nuzzling me lightly.
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 0 13
OCxReader .:Friends:. [Part 1?]
It was a cold, snowy February morning in New York. You and your friends were visiting your family for the holidays and your friends had insisted, no demanded you stay for Valentines day, despite the fact it was a month after New Years. So you and your friends got a temporary home to stay in so you wouldn't be imposing on the family. Today you decided to take a walk through Central Park while your friends were shopping. "Ahhh, it's nice to have time away from them... I love them, but they can get really annoying sometimes." You said and sighed. Not far off, you noticed a person sitting alone on a bench with their head hanging down. Should I go talk to them...? You asked yourself. They seem lonely... I'll go talk to them... You walked over to the bench and sat down. "Hello, stranger." You said as politely as you could and smiled. 
The person looked up and over at you. "Oh, hello. Are you lost?" They asked. From what you could tell
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 1 127
Get Out Of My Phone!
((This is a little Fruits Basket fic I decided to write... Mostly on a whim, and some of the motivation came from this picture: 

Hatori's day ended chaotically... And you know how it started? Just as chaotically. You are about to find out just how insane life as a Sohma-more specifically one of the Mabudachi Trio- really is. 
Hatori awoke to Shigure's face not three inches from his. "Ah!! ...What the hell are you doing here?!" He asked, obviously surprised.
"I just wanted to wish you a good day, Haa-san!" Shigure said and smiled, not moving his face. "You've been stressed lately, no?" 
Hatori sighed and pushed Shigure away from him. "That's no concern of yours. Now get out so I can get dressed for the day." 
Shigure pouted, but obliged and left the room. Hatori sighed and got out of bed, then got ready for the day and started his work. 
Not too long after that, it w
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 1 6
Fruits Basket OC
Fruits Basket Character Information
Name (last, first):
Sohma Kohaku
Nickname(s): Ame (Rain)
Age: 18 
Species: Human (White Tiger)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: April 6, 1996
Life story: When she was little, Kohaku's parents had their memories erased because she was "a problem child" and had her go live at the main house. There, she was Akito's playmate (Like Yuki, but not as mistreated) and wasn't allowed outside at all. When she was seven, Akito started to completely neglect her and she became quite the recluse. She got sick often (And still does). After a while, though, Kureno found her sitting alone in a dark room crying and took her to Ayame and Hatori. She bonded well with both of them and looks up to them as brothers (Though she has developed feelings for Hatori).
About Him/Her
Personality: Super optimistic and very friendly. Kohaku is super talkative and really
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 5 4
Hetalia OC Form
Hetalia: Axis Powers Character Information
Name (last, first):
Chao, Aran  
Age: 19 
Species: Human, City 
Gender: Male 
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Birthday: June 24th, 1932  
About You
Personality: Aran is very sweet, but shy and soft-spoken. He's hardly seen without Thailand because of his shyness. Aran hardly ever gets angry, but his temper is deadly when he is mad. He doesn't take lightly to being pushed around and teased, but he'll smile through it anyways because he hates to worry people, and Aran is always willing to help someone. 
Like(s): Water, reading, helping people, and swimming 
Dislike(s): The cold and fighting 
Hobbies: Writing and telling stories to the micro-nations 
Fear(s): Being alone, loosing his family 
Special Powers/Abilities: He's an excellent boxer. 
Extras: Nothing
:icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 4 361
My part of the collab with Hino by TheOnlyStickWithEyes My part of the collab with Hino :icontheonlystickwitheyes:TheOnlyStickWithEyes 1 2
Things you'll find in my gallery:


Things you WON'T find in my gallery:
Your pet llama
The Bogey Man
Santa Claus
Kenny (He's probably dead, anyways. XD)
Pretty much anything that's not literature (Unless I screw up. xD)




Cry: Silly Dance by Kiwa007 Cry: Silly Dance :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,766 347 Cryaotic: Sketchdump by Kiwa007 Cryaotic: Sketchdump :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 1,732 121 Cryaotic by KhairiLoneliness Cryaotic :iconkhairiloneliness:KhairiLoneliness 49 3
5. Weather
"Hm...Weird weather."
"Maybe it's reacting to your weirdness, Norway."
"I'm not weird!"
"Then how am I weird?"
"I'm going to throw you out into the rain the next time it starts."
"Why would you do that?!"
"Because I can."
"No you can't!"
"Try me!"
*After about ten minutes of them struggling with each other....*
"That's really cold!"
"Hahahahaha! I got you!"
"I'm going to throw you in a volcano!"
"That has nothing to do with weather!"
"Yeah I know, but anything else won't phase you!"
"Oh you're right. Oh look, rain!"
"Hey! Stop that!"
"Is the little sissy man scared he's going to get wet?"
"Did you just call me a sissy?!"
"Yes, yes I did. Got a problem with it?"
"Actually, I do!"
"Then come and get me, if you're not afraid of getting a little dirty too~!"
"That's it! Come here!"
"Run and run as fast as you can, you'll never catch me for I'm the gingerbread man~!"
"But you're not a man!"
"I'm more of a man than you are!"
"Come back here!"
"Sissy man!"
"Love you to
:iconamberthealchemist:AmberTheAlchemist 3 821
2. Running someone over
"I'm going to run that guy over if he doesn't move."
"Run him over and I'll shoot you in the leg with a machine gun."
"Do that and I'll kick you out of the house."
"That's a threat! I'm scared."
"You should be."
"I'm not."
"He was getting on my nerves!"
"That's when you honk at them! Not run them over with a car!"
"Oh...My bad!"
"What's everybody else going to say when they see the dent in the front of the car?!"
"I'll tell them we ran into a tree."
"That dent looks nothing like a dent you would get from running into a tree!"
"You're not helping!"
"I'm not supposed to!"
"Yes you are!"
"No I'm not!"
*Ten minutes later*
"Where are we going?"
"To run some more people over."
:iconamberthealchemist:AmberTheAlchemist 8 9
2P!talia- Eduard by SasoXKanklover666 2P!talia- Eduard :iconsasoxkanklover666:SasoXKanklover666 153 25 Screenshot Meme- Kuro II by AzraeldiGabriel Screenshot Meme- Kuro II :iconazraeldigabriel:AzraeldiGabriel 30 136 Only A Matter of Time by AzraeldiGabriel Only A Matter of Time :iconazraeldigabriel:AzraeldiGabriel 122 321 Poke fusion- Vilemer by AzraeldiGabriel Poke fusion- Vilemer :iconazraeldigabriel:AzraeldiGabriel 3 6
Swagger. (Steve Rogers x Reader) One-shot.
Steve Rogers was never a 'modern man'. He was a simple man. He didn't enjoy T.V or Computers all that much, wasn't one to play Video Games or go clubbing. Hell, the man hardly knew how to use a Computer or play a Video Game. He couldn't even send a Text message without accidentally calling you all the time.
No, he was a simple man. He enjoyed early mornings with a News Paper and a cup of Black coffee. He enjoyed long walks in the Park, stopping to smell the Roses or a nice ride out in the country on his Motor Cycle. He was an Artist. He saw the beauty in nature and life that other people didn't ever care to notice or stop and take the time to see.
And that was one of the things that made him catch you.
That's why you fell in love with him and still love him till this day.
That.. and the little moments you two have together when he doesn't understand the things people say to him in that 'Modern slang.'
Much like the one this afternoon..
You sat at the breakfast bar in you and Steve's co
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 254 86
Summer Gif by ZomzArtisticz Summer Gif :iconzomzartisticz:ZomzArtisticz 440 24
New Niece (Dedicated to Cry's new niece!)
Hearing the pained screams from his sister, from far as he was, Cry winced, shifting uncomfortably in the plastic waiting room chair. Twiddling his thumbs, Cry looked at the floor, anxious to go to his sister, but unable to, leaving him in a state of general panic.
Suddenly, the screams stopped, and Cry jumped to his feet, tapping his foot anxiously. Soon, a nurse walked in, calling out his name, an eyebrow rising due to his mask, but lead him to his sister without question. Swallowing nervously, Cry pushed the door open slowly, smiling as his sister, though tiredly, motioned him over, her husband smiling at the little bundle he held.
‘Man sis, you have a set of lungs.’ The gamer joked; chuckling quietly as she softly punched his arm, a mock glare directed at him.
‘Would you like to hold her?’ Cry blinked, staring at his sister, as if she had grown a second head.
‘Uh, n-no, I’m good. I’m not reall-‘Cry trailed off, his attention immediate
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 68 102
Lavi by mk17design Lavi :iconmk17design:mk17design 1,532 277 .: Lavi :. by Hikari151 .: Lavi :. :iconhikari151:Hikari151 799 116 lavi by iamprosto lavi :iconiamprosto:iamprosto 1,110 67 +Lavi+ by Evil-usagi +Lavi+ :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 754 65
Have some Quiz results!:

Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
Hosted By Anime

What Naruto Guy Are You?
What Naruto Guy Are You?
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What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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Which Furuba Character Are You?
Which Furuba Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime



I might transfer some of my good deviations, OC forms, what have you to my other account and deactivate this one. I'm not active on it any more and I feel like it's just clogging up space. :/
So I dunno, if someone's willing to talk me out of it, I'm all game, but if not, I'll deactivate this one and just work from :iconamberthealchemist: 

That is all. 

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Nothing's really changed about me. There will be no art on this account. This is all literature. Mostly poems and short stories.
Some things about me that I think you should know. Especially if you want to be my friend and get a long with me.
I refuse to believe that anyone is "Insane". If you were legitimately insane, you wouldn't be talking like a normal person, now would you?
I don't like talking about politics. I love to debate, but I WILL NOT talk about politics. I get mad.
I don't like talking about abuse. Or parents. Because of things.
I have a dry/sarcastic sense of humor. Don't like sarcasm or dry humor? Don't talk to me. Simple. As. That.
I tend to get defensive really quickly. So you have to be careful.
I like strange things. So if you like strange things too, good for you!
I think that's it... But I'll add more if the need should arise.

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^Favorite Passtimes: Reading, Gaming, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, and Dancing.
\Favorite YouTuber: ChaoticMonki

Current Residence: Somewhere in the U.S.A
Hometown: Another place in the U.S.A
School: You don't have to know. (:
Best Friend: Taylor (dahntildusk)

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People/Relations (Ask to be up here~):

:iconclickityclickyeah: My Mr. Chair~

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