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Things you'll find in my gallery:


Things you WON'T find in my gallery:
Your pet llama
The Bogey Man
Santa Claus
Kenny (He's probably dead, anyways. XD)
Pretty much anything that's not literature (Unless I screw up. xD)




Have some Quiz results!:

Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
Hosted By Anime

What Naruto Guy Are You?
What Naruto Guy Are You?
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What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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Which Furuba Character Are You?
Which Furuba Character Are You?
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I might transfer some of my good deviations, OC forms, what have you to my other account and deactivate this one. I'm not active on it any more and I feel like it's just clogging up space. :/
So I dunno, if someone's willing to talk me out of it, I'm all game, but if not, I'll deactivate this one and just work from :iconamberthealchemist: 

That is all. 

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TheOnlyStickWithEyes's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Howdy y'all!
It's Amber! Yes, the same Amber from AmberTheAlchemist :iconamberthealchemist: ((Icon added for special effect or something. EFFECT. NOT AFFECT. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT WORDS.))
Nothing's really changed about me. There will be no art on this account. This is all literature. Mostly poems and short stories.
Some things about me that I think you should know. Especially if you want to be my friend and get a long with me.
I refuse to believe that anyone is "Insane". If you were legitimately insane, you wouldn't be talking like a normal person, now would you?
I don't like talking about politics. I love to debate, but I WILL NOT talk about politics. I get mad.
I don't like talking about abuse. Or parents. Because of things.
I have a dry/sarcastic sense of humor. Don't like sarcasm or dry humor? Don't talk to me. Simple. As. That.
I tend to get defensive really quickly. So you have to be careful.
I like strange things. So if you like strange things too, good for you!
I think that's it... But I'll add more if the need should arise.

My fandoms:
:bulletred: Corpse Party: BloodCovered...Repeated Fear
:bulletblack: Black Butler
:bulletblue: Hetalia
:bulletwhite: Vocaloid
:bulletpink: OHSHC
:bulletorange: Fruits Basket
:bulletgreen: Invader Zim
:bulletyellow: A Bug's Life
:bulletblack: Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
:bulletyellow: Portal and Portal 2
:bulletblack: Heart no Kuni no Alice
:bulletpink: Shugo Chara!
:bulletorange: Romeo x Juliet
:bulletgreen: Durarara!!
:bulletyellow: South Park
:bulletgreen: Divergent
:bulletblue: Grand Guignol Orchestra
:bulletwhite: Alice 19th
:bulletorange: Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletgreen: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
:bulletyellow: Ib
:bulletpurple: Mad Father
:bulletorange: Pokèmon
:bulletblue: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
:bulletgreen: Zetsuen No Tempest

Personal Info!
#Nicknames: Gem, Echo, Boo, Demon, and Spyke
*Birthday: September 12th, 1997
%Gender: Female
favorite Color(s): Indigo, Crimson, Black, and Purple
<Favorite Food: Ravioli
>Favorite Season(s): Autumn and Winter
^Favorite Passtimes: Reading, Gaming, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, and Dancing.
\Favorite YouTuber: ChaoticMonki

Current Residence: Somewhere in the U.S.A
Hometown: Another place in the U.S.A
School: You don't have to know. (:
Best Friend: Taylor (dahntildusk)

Avatar made by: Ryokuji

People/Relations (Ask to be up here~):

:iconclickityclickyeah: My Mr. Chair~

:icondahntildusk: My partner in crime ;D


[Stamp] Dib's Big Head by Creepiest Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam Little stamp things stamp by deviantStamps Corpse Party Fan by The-Yuri-Canon Hello, my name is.. by cfryant Stamp: Lanterns by Lorena677 ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight Made a stamp! by AmberTheAlchemist I vill kill you vith a brick by InvaderPumpkinQueen I shall SPOON you to DEATH by Otogakure-Akatsuki DA Stamps:purple n black freak by eleoyasha Burn Your Stamps Down!! by VampireDarkling +Stamp to Support Stamps+ by nayruasukei :thumb101744683: I .heart. Germany Stamp by SakuraStars vocaloid stamps by RezzaVANdaviD ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStars you don't eat stamps by EminaAcqua :thumb122713733: :thumb150680316: Friends by AquaQueen27 :thumb138439596: Taste The Rainbow Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Warning, Sarcasm user-Stamp by Dinoclaws Wacky Waving Inflatable by dolma33 Perdiction stamp by AquaQueen27 Dance Poland Dance by AlClair Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7 :thumb246341961: Ouran- Irritated Kyoya by Kaze-yo Stamp: Nico Nico Utaite - Valshe by MikuFregapane Yzma and Kronk by ovstamps Divergent: Dauntless (The Brave) by xxtayce Divergent: Erudite (The Intelligent) by xxtayce More To Come by mysticfeline7 In a tent by toyakun STAMP Utatane Piko by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Year of the Tiger :FB Edition: by KTstamps Fruits Basket - Tiger by super-baka FB Zodiac: Tiger by KTstamps Yuki Facepalm by Fyi-Sus shut your mouth by sugarbearkitty Woo Paa Paa Stamp by The-Blue-Pangolin

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So yes.


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